How competitors become collaborators to improve the environmental performance in Canada’s Oil Sands – COSIA



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COSIA stands for Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, a unique approach to bringing oil producers together to minimize the environmental impact of their operations in Canada’s Oil Sands.

COSIA is unique in that it provides a platform for the sharing of innovative approaches to improve environmental performance of Canadian oil sands mining. Three significant benefits of this type of forum include:

  • Transparency in the common challenges facing oil sands producers
  • Collaboration among all member companies to find technologies that can advance processes towards achieving performance goals
  • The joint collaborative approach leads to cost sharing, which enables for accelerated development of technologies.

Cerahelix VP of Applications Engineering, Jim Banks, attended the 2016 Water Conference. Not only did he learn about the water management challenges faced by oil producers in the Canadian Oil Sands, but he also experienced the collaborative and innovative nature of this conference.



The Water Conference highlighted the progress of building the Water Technology Development Center (WTDC), a live process fluid lab. Operators can utilize the WTDC to conduct pilot studies with new technologies aimed at reducing their water footprint.  Innovative technology providers, such as Cerahelix, can submit their product for testing at the WTDC to determine its feasibility in achieving COSIA’s water management goals. We are enthusiastic to hear about this opportunity, as we believe Cerahelix can help reduce the water footprint of the Canadian Oil Sands operations.

Alliances like COSIA are a triple-win situation for large companies looking for innovative technologies, and small companies who can showcase their technology to a larger audience than they can typically access; and last but not least for the environment. Besides learning first hand about water management in the Canadian Oil Sands, COSIA’s 2016 Water Conference provided a platform to meet other technology providers and form advantageous partnerships to provide unique solutions.

So far 2016 has been an exciting year for Cerahelix as we have begun demonstrating the capabilities of our ceramic membrane for diverse applications like hardness and sulfate removal in oily water as well as product recovery in solvents.  Conferences like COSIA’s 2016 Water Conference offer a platform to identify how our membrane can best solve separation challenges faced by a wide range of industries.  Cerahelix is excited to accelerate its pilot testing this year!



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