The PicoHelix™ membrane is more than just another filter. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Cerahelix picofiltration technology pushes the boundaries of ceramic membrane filtration.

The PicoHelix extends ceramic filtration beyond the nanofiltration range.  In this range our filter is able to remove dissolved solids such as sugars and salts. By combining high purity filtration with the durability of a ceramic, it is also ideally suited for molecular separations in organic solvents.

Key Applications:

Our current customers have used our membranes in two main types of applications, treatment and molecular separations. In treatment applications the liquids that pass through the membrane become highly purified because the membrane captures contaminants. In molecular separation applications, our membrane captures valuable molecules that are separated from the solvent as it passes through the membrane.



Water softeningProduction concentration
Sulfate removalSolvent purification
Phosphate removalSugar separations
DewateringOrganic solvent nanofiltration
Active pharmaceutical ingredients


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Cerahelix Applications Laboratory

Cerahelix offers lab-scale testing services for customers who want to accelerate their evaluation of the picofiltration technology.  Our laboratory is capable of testing your feed source or wastewater and provide you with optimal process conditions and operating parameters such as effective molecular weight cutoff, flux, and rejection.

If you want to evaluate the PicoHelix at your own facility, you can purchase or lease a benchtop test system from Cerahelix.