Cerahelix membranes are designed for challenging conditions including high temperatures, low pH, aggressive solvents, and high viscosity, applications where polymeric membranes melt, dissolve, or irreversibly foul.


Cerahelix picofiltration technology pushes the boundaries of ceramic membrane filtration.

Picofiltration membranes take nanofiltration to the next level by allowing high recovery while providing separations at the molecular level. Picofiltration technology allows you to reuse your process feed, remove dissolved solids such as salts and sugars, and purify your product.



Key Applications:

Current customers are using our picofiltration technology for industrial wastewater reuse applications. In treatment applications the liquids that pass through our unique ceramic membrane become highly purified because the membrane captures contaminants. In molecular separation applications, our membrane separate out valuable molecules as the process liquid passes through the membrane.

Industrial wastewater for reuseSolvent Industries
Food & beverageBio-based
Produced WaterRenewables
Fine ChemicalsWaste-to-energy

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Easy Integration:

Cerahelix engineers tailor our picofiltration technology to meet your specific separation needs. Our engineers will work with you on your process design to meet your transitional needs and move you to an easy, sustainable and robust process.


Cerahelix Applications Laboratory

Cerahelix offers lab-scale testing services for customers who want to accelerate their evaluation of the picofiltration technology.  Our laboratory is capable of testing your feed source or wastewater and provide you with optimal process conditions and operating parameters such as effective molecular weight cutoff, flux, and rejection.

If you want to evaluate the PicoHelix at your own facility, you can purchase or lease a benchtop test system from Cerahelix.