Nanofiltration for the Food and Beverage Industry

Water is an essential component of food manufacturing, with the industry requiring considerable volumes of water throughout the process starting with access to a reliable source of high-quality water for product manufacturing to treatment and / or reuse of wastewater. Robust filtration and separation systems play a critical role in the production of food and beverages.

Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration membranes offer a powerful advancement over traditional technologies for numerous filtration and separation applications in food and beverage production. Manufactured using our patented processes, these membranes offer significant benefits in terms of their durability, efficiency and the cost savings advantages they offer in both CapEx and OpEx.

Applications of Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration include:

  • High efficiency, high purity wastewater treatment / reuse
  • Fermented beverage clarification
  • Cold-sterilization pre-treatment
  • Separation, concentration and purification
  • Botanical extracts, compound fractionation and color removal