Ceramic Nanofiltration for the Biopharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Industry

Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration membranes are ideal for demanding filtration and separation applications required by biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers. Uses include solvent recovery, or waste-to-value recovery, which yields substantial economic benefits. Our ceramic nanofiltration membranes can be used to significantly improve efficiency by simplifying separation processes. For example, in the growing CBD oil market, ceramic nanofiltration enables far more efficient fractionation and separation of oil by reducing the number of steps in the winterization process.

These membranes are also ideal for treating challenging wastewater streams generated in the manufacturing process, which typically contains a high concentration of organics.

Our ceramic nanofiltration membranes represent an important advancement for companies in the biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry by not only reducing costs, but also by also extracting value through resource recovery.

Applications include:

  • Solvent recovery / purification
  • Protein removal
  • Botanical extracts