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Optimizing Reuse of High Load Wastewater

Aquaculture processing plant

Project Background

An aquaculture company was seeking to treat high nutrient wastewater from their fish processing operations. They needed to meet a discharge limit as well as create a value added waste prod-uct from the concentrate. The critical parameters were to reduce the COD below 500 mg/L and to achieve a >5X concentration of phosphorus in the waste. This concentrate was evaluated by prospective customers in the fertilizer market.

Equipment Selection

To meet the discharge limit at a permeability ca-pable of scaling up to large treatment volumes, Cerahelix used the NanoHelix. We installed a pilot unit cross flow filtration system containing our ce-ramic NanoHelix membranes.

Premeate vs Composite

System Parameters
Cerahelix filterNanoHelix
Wastewater flow100,000 GPD
Influent COD range3000—4000 ppm
Hydraulic Recovery>85%
(mg/ L)