Cerahelix Relocates Corporate Headquarters, Consolidates Operations at Bangor Innovation Center

New headquarters facilitates coordination of all key functions as well as plans to accelerate commercialization of company’s ceramic nanofiltration products

Cerahelix’s consolidated operations enable onsite, end-to-end production and assembly capabilities.

BANGOR, Maine, December 17, 2020 – Cerahelix, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacture of disruptive ceramic nanofiltration membrane products, has relocated its corporate headquarters and consolidated its operations at the Bangor Innovation Center, home to its product manufacturing facility.

This move allows for seamless coordination of all key functions within the company, including research & development, applications, engineering, and manufacturing. The 6,000 square foot facility is equipped with a clean room, precision coating and test equipment to ensure the highest quality production of Cerahelix’s ceramic nanofiltration membranes.

Another benefit is the company’s location in the Bangor Foreign Trade Zone. Coupled with proximity to Bangor International Airport and I-95, this location will facilitate Cerahelix’s plans to serve its customers on a national and global stage.

“The consolidation of our operations reflects our growth and transition from a company once focused mainly on research and development into a company now engaged in the accelerated commercialization of revolutionary products for customers that are redefining the possibilities for filtration and separation applications around the world,” said Bill Paulus, Chief Executive Office of Cerahelix.

Manufactured using the company’s patented thin-film and DNA templating technology, these Cerahelix’s ceramic nanofiltration membranes represent a new generation in filtration and separation technology and have expanded the use of ceramic nanofiltration to include a host of new applications for ceramic technology. As a result, a growing roster of companies, including one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal care products, is using Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration products to meet their filtration, treatment and separation needs while achieving significant operational and cost benefits.

To learn more about Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration, visit www.cerahelix.com or contact sales@cerahelix.com.

About Cerahelix

Founded in 2011, Cerahelix is a leader ceramic nanofiltration technology. The company has combined its patented thin-film and DNA templating technology to create a new class of membranes that takes nanofiltration to another level by opening the door for new applications of ceramic technology. Advantages of Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration membranes over existing competing technologies include lower operational costs, longer life, higher efficiency, minimal fouling and no need for pre-treatment. This results in lower CapEx, OpEx and sustaining capital costs compared to other technologies available in the market. Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration products are now being used by companies in a wide array of applications and industries. To learn more, visit www.cerahelix.com.

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