Cerahelix selected for Pipeline H2O an award-winning water technology commercialization program


January 31, 2018


Cerahelix, Inc




Cerahelix, a Maine startup company commercializing an energy efficient water reuse technology, is pleased to announce, that it has been selected to participate in Ohio based Pipeline H2O’s commercialization program.

Cerahelix was chosen from a pool of 80 leading water based startups from around the globe. The program runs from February through May 2018, leveraging the country’s premier public-private water innovation region to provide customers, mentors, and support. Susan MacKay, Cerahelix CEO is thrilled about this opportunity: “Access to clean water is a global issue, which cannot be solved by one company or one single technology alone. Pipeline’s unique go-to-market platform allows companies to pilot locally and deploy globally, and hits the mark with accelerating the worldwide adoption of innovative water treatment technology.”

Cerahelix, Inc. was established in 2011 to develop energy saving filtration products using DNA biotechnology combined with ceramic materials. The PicoHelix is the first filter that achieves high purity separations while working in challenging process conditions. The combination of high purity and durability in a single filter product makes the PicoHelix applicable across multiple industries with wide-ranging applications including industrial water-reuse, organic solvent separations, and concentration of bio-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

If you’d like more information about Cerahelix, or to schedule an interview with Susan MacKay, please call 1-800-604-0697, or email info@cerahelix.com


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