Cerahelix to Showcase Revolutionary Ceramic Nanofiltration Membranes at WEFTEC 2019


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Cerahelix to Showcase Revolutionary Ceramic Nanofiltration Membranes at WEFTEC 2019

Company Reports Strong Market Acceptance for New Class of Membranes Combining DNA Technology with Ceramic Chemistry to Simplify Process and Significantly Reduce Costs

Orono, September 20, 2019 – Cerahelix, Inc. will showcase its breakthrough ceramic nanofiltration membranes for water and wastewater treatment at WEFTEC 2019, Booth #8344 in the Innovation Neighborhood.

Cerahelix’s products represent a new class of membrane, combining the power of DNA technology with ceramic chemistry, to provide membrane separations at the molecular level. Cerahelix terms this capability “picofiltration,” and it opens the door to new applications of ceramic membrane technology while delivering significant savings in lifetime costs.
The company’s patented process uses DNA’s structural property as a tool to form the pores used to filter water and wastewater. The pore size can be controlled to extend the range of treatment applications for ceramic membranes from loose nanofiltration to tight picofiltration. Cerahelix membranes deliver a robust, reliable and efficient water treatment solution that simplifies wastewater treatment, achieving up to 90% recovery and ten times higher purity than the best previously available ceramic filters, while significantly reducing costs.

The company notes exponential growth in market acceptance over the past year.
“We are thrilled to have recently been awarded a contract by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal care products – a Fortune 50 company – to provide our ceramic membranes for use in treating wastewater for reuse. In addition, we have numerous installations and application tests for companies ranging from beverage companies to NASA. We look forward to continuing our strong growth trajectory over the coming year as more companies realize the tremendous benefits our products deliver,” said Susan MacKay, Chief Executive Officer of Cerahelix.
Cerahelix currently markets a commercial scale, large format filter element product that can be made to meet specific needs with three different molecular size cutoffs, ranging from 400 Daltons to 1,200 Daltons.

To learn more about the Cerahelix technology, visit www.cerahelix.com or contact info@cerahelix.com.

About Cerahelix
Founded in 2011, Cerahelix (www.cerahelix.com) has combined DNA biotechnology and ceramic chemistry to create a new class of membranes that expands applications of ceramic filtration technology beyond nanofiltration. Called picofiltration, or membrane filtration at the molecular level, this patented process quickly and efficiently transforms wastewater to reuse-quality water. Cost savings include less downtime, decreased energy consumption, and higher water recovery. The combination of high purity and durability in a single filter product makes Cerahelix membranes ideal for multiple industries with wide-ranging applications including industrial water reuse, organic solvent separations, and concentration of bio-based chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
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