PicoHelix™ Products

PicoHelix ceramic membrane products employ a patented DNA template process to form nano-sized pores used for filtration. Our DNA technology provides control over the pore size. This results in filter products that range from loose nanofiltration (<2000 Daltons) down to high purity picofiltration (<500 Daltons).


Commercial Products

Filter Element Sizes:

Cerahelix filter products are currently available in two sizes:

  • Single channel elements for lab scale and small pilot scale studies
  • Multi-channel elements for commercial scale projects

Filter Versions:

Cerahelix filters can be made with different size cutoffs. The current versions are shown below:

PicofiltrationMW Cutoff nominal 400 Da
Tight NanofiltrationMW Cutoff nominal 800 Da
Loose NanofiltrationMW Cutoff nominal 1200 Da
Single Channel6 mm ID,10 cm to 50 cm length
Multi Channel3.3 mm ID,19 channels, 1m length
3.3 mm ID, 85 channels, 1m length (coming soon)

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Filter Element Housings:

Cerahelix housings are designed for individual and multi-element configurations. Our standard housings are made from 316 stainless steel.  We also offer custom housings for industry specific processes including solvent filtration applications.


Laboratory Test Systems

Cerahelix sells and leases bench-top cross flow filtration systems for small scale research and development testing needs. The system’s innovative housing design  provides a flexible approach to scalability by allowing an increase in membrane surface area from 0.01 m2 to 0.40 m2 without sacrificing optimum cross flow velocities or increasing flow rate requirements. This provides a 40X increase in filter surface area that can be tested using the same test stand.

Tank Volume3.5 L
Feed Flow Rate11 Liters/minute
Pump1HP with a speed controller
Filter Elements1-6 in series
Membrane Surface area0.01 m2 to 0.40 m2

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