Cerahelix Ceramic Nanofiltration Technology

Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration membranes represent a new class of ceramic filtration and separation technology. We manufacture these pressure-driven tubular ceramic nanofiltration membranes for use across various market sectors and applications.  Our NanoHelix™ and PicoHelix™ membranes are capable of retaining solutes with molecular weights down to 400 Da at high flux rates in harsh chemical and thermal conditions.

Cerahelix ceramic nanofiltration membranes are manufactured using our patented thin-film and DNA templating technology. The NanoHelix™ is a colloidal sol-gel ceramic nanofiltration membrane that retains solutes down to a MWCO of about 700 Da.  The PicoHelix™ is a DNA-templated ceramic nanofiltration membrane that retains solutes down to a molecular weight cutoff of about 400 Da.  Both membranes are available in 19 and 85 channel configurations.

Our templating process allows individual strands of DNA to be precisely arranged within a sol-gel substrate.  This allows us to create sub-nanometer pores within the ceramic membrane that are extremely uniform in size, shape and smoothness.  These features combine to make a membrane that filters at high flux, and can separate small molecules that are close to each other in size. This ability extends the size cutoff range beyond what is currently achievable by ceramic membranes.

PicoHelix and NanoHelix