A Leader in Ceramic Filtration

Cerahelix’s goal is to help our customers solve their filtration and separation challenges and improve process efficiency by leveraging the power of ceramic nanofiltration. To that end, we manufacture disruptive products that are taking nanofiltration to another level by opening the door for new applications of ceramic technology. As a result, a growing number of companies across an array of markets now use Cerahelix membranes to address their filtration, treatment and separation requirements.

Since our founding in 2011, Cerahelix has been recognized for innovation in the field of technical ceramics, and we have always been committed to ongoing technology development. Our deep roots in materials science, biochemistry, and ceramic engineering have all played a significant role in the successful development and commercialization of our breakthrough ceramic nanofiltration membranes.

Our products are manufactured in our production and applications testing facility using industry proven ceramic supports to ensure the highest quality platform for our innovative technology. Our full Applications and Engineering team is available to assist customers select the appropriate products for their specific requirements.

Today, our ceramic nanofiltration products are being used by companies in a wide array of applications. We strive to become the leading ceramic nanofiltration membrane manufacturer in the world.

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